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The Itchyworms : Akin ka na Lang Tour Australia

A Band that Delivers Energetic Performances and Captivating Pop Rock Music

The Itchyworms, a renowned Filipino band, have made a name for themselves through their original songs and dynamic live shows. Their music is characterized by guitar-based pop rock and captivating vocal harmonies. The band has become one of the most prominent acts in the Philippines, performing at various events including corporate functions, sports gatherings, and city festivals. Their success is attributed to their passion for music and exceptional work ethic.

The Itchyworms have consistently dominated local music charts over the years with their fresh yet familiar sound. Their popularity extends beyond the Philippines, as they have entertained audiences in the USA, Singapore, and Japan. Moreover, Jugs Jugueta, the band’s co-lead vocalist, is also a co-host on the widely watched noontime variety program, “It’s Showtime,” which airs internationally on The Filipino Channel (TFC), contributing to the band’s global exposure.

Regardless of age or background, their music resonates with listeners, creating a diverse fan base. Attendees of their shows can expect a delightful showcase of hit after hit, with each song holding a special place in the hearts of the audience.

The Itchyworms have released five full-length studio albums and one EP, continually adding new singles to their repertoire. The band is composed of Weckl Mercado on lead guitar, Jazz Nicolar on drums and lead vocals, Jugs Jugueta on guitar and lead vocals, Mikey Amistoso on keyboard, guitar, and vocals, and Kelvin Yu on bass and vocals.